It’s been five years since I worked as a volunteer for the Windsor International Film Festival. FIVE YEARS.

Since working the 2011 iteration of the festival, it has grown from the sixth largest volunteer film festival in the country to the second largest. On the fifth anniversary of my first WIFF, I’m coming down from Toronto for the Windsor International Film Festival for the first time in two years to watch some movies with friends and family.

It took me a little while to find a schedule and build the list, but here’s my list for Friday-Saturday-Sunday at the Windsor International Film Festival.


Friday 9:55pm

Why I’m excited: Adam Driver. His voice in this trailer alone convinces me that he’ll fully throw himself into the role of bus driver who writes poetry. He’s much more than just “that bad guy from the Star Wars”.


Saturday 1:20pm

Why I’m excited: The interactions between Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams. Williams is very talented – I always recall her powerhouse performances from Brokeback Mountain and Blue Valentine when I think of her.


Saturday 6:20pm

Why I’m excited: I missed the movie at TIFF and Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut is getting quite the buzz.


Saturday 8:35pm

Why I’m excited: I found that Anna Gunn always played second fiddle to Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad (Cranston is a legend, that wasn’t a shot). I’m very excited to see her outside of Breaking Bad after seeing a great performance by Gunn in “Sully”.


Sunday 1pm

Why I’m excited: The King’s Speech made me see Colin Firth as more than the sad man that was cheated on from Love Actually. Genius looks to be another one of those performances.

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