Ever had a time in your life when someone you’ve never met’s passing had a surprisingly meaningful impact on you?

That happened to me today. Ryan Davis was that man. He was 34.

Ryan Davis

I was an off-and-on listener of the GameSpot’s The Hotspot for a few years, but have listened to the Giant Bombcast weekly for the past 5 years (and Arrow Pointing Down before that). Ryan was the loveable smartass that hosted that show and co-founded one of my favourite websites GiantBomb (a truly fantastic website for lovers of video game). I have watched and listened to countless hundreds hours of this man throughout the years, so seeing him pass so suddenly and so young is a bit tragic. His death was announced today on GiantBomb. The most tragic part is that he just got married in the week before his passing (my condolences to his wife, family and friends).

I’m going to miss his rolling, thunderous laugh in my car speakers as I drive on the 401 from London to Windsor and back. I’m going to miss him hosting the marathon live-streams during E3 and during other regular GiantBomb live shows. I’m going to miss his seemingly random Twitter posts at all hours. I’m going to miss the man I never met.

Truth be told, I’m 18 episodes behind on the Bombcast – having those last 18 episodes before his death are a gift and a reminder. Life is fragile and precious – do what you love and be who you are. Ryan Davis did both of those in a larger than life way. Here are some of my favourite Ryan Davis moments from the past few years.

UPDATE: Thought I would toss in some of my favourite posts about Ryan.

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  1. Good post! Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Peter. Let me know if there’s anything you would change on my website. I value your opinion.


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