In addition to the written content within the blog section of this website, I have regularly written for various outlets and publications for over a decade. I have written about a multitude of subjects including video games, popular culture, sports and technology.

Writing Samples

I Want More Horizon Zero Dawn, Just Not a Direct Sequel (Scholarly Gamers)

I Was Skeptical, So I Bought A Fidget Spinner (Rock 95)

5 Movies For Your Next Rainy Day (107.5 Kool FM)

3 Things That Might Be Draining Your iPhone’s Battery (Rock 95)

Applying Karen’s Keys to Entrepreneurial Success To My Life (WEtech Alliance)

7-Part Small Business Series [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (WEtech Alliance)

Gaming Case Study: Double Fine Productions (Prince Arthur Herald)

THQ’s Homefront Woes (Prince Arthur Herald)

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