An agricultural consultant lives the consequences of his actions between stops on Highway 401. This is a radio drama that was written and produced by me.

How Did It Work?

After developing the script, I recorded and directed each of the main actors in the voice booth. In addition to voice recording sessions, some of the sounds within the piece were created via foley (i.e.: car sounds). This radio drama was edited using Adobe Premiere. A big thank you to the voice actors who appeared in “401”:

  • Narrator played by Nathaniel Davidson
  • Shawn played by me
  • Rose played by Ashleigh Darrach
  • Liz played by Danielle d’Entremont
  • Doctor played by Lex Tan
  • Party Extras: Steve Boyles, Nicole d’Angelo, Nathaniel Davidson, Nathan Gill, Candice Ibbitson, Ramraajh Sharvendiran, Mirna Trogrlic and Wayne Williams

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