This Video Took a Different Turn… And Is Amazing.

You might have seen this video by now, but if you haven’t – take a peek. A newswatcher sent this news anchor an e-mail about her weight. I started watching and I thought the video would be about weight – but takes on a much tougher topic, bullying. Thanks to my brother Jarrett for sharing this video.

Doing Something Dumb… For Charity!

On October 20th, I will be attempting something that has never been done (by me) before. I’m going attempt to play video games for 24 hours. Dumb, right? Bite your tongue, because it’s for charity!

Extra Life is an initiative that I’m taking part in (with the community) where participants raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. I plan on Livestreaming the entire event at, so please, tune in to watch me be an idiot for a great cause (and attempt to stay awake).

As far as games planned to play – I have a few ideas (including some Kinect at 4am). If you have any, comment below!


What I’m Listening To (September 14th edition)

Lately, a few people have asked me I’m listening to (especially as it relates to gym music), so I thought I would put it in written form! Here goes nothing!

Conor Maynard – Turn Around ft. Ne-Yo

I am a huge fan of Ne-Yo. Whenever I get into karaoke bars, I usually sing his songs. Whenever you put him and Stargate (Norwegian music producers) together, it’s magic and this song is no exception. The main artist is a British up and comer who just released his first album, Contrast. Apart from an appearance by Francia Raisa and a phone booth, the music video is pretty standard-fare. The song, on the other hand is an upbeat pop love song. Great tempo for running, in my opinion.

Lloyd – All of Me ft. Wale

Wale has really stepped up his rap game in the last few months, in my opinion and Lloyd has been killing it since his King of Hearts album. Wale has a similar flow on Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples” but brings some great wordplay regardless. Great for studying or relaxing.

JoJo – Demonstrate

This girl needs to leave her label as soon as possible; Blackground Records have been keeping her album on the shelf for far too long. This single, produced by Noah “40” Shebib, shows off a more mature JoJo. This track reminded me of Brandy or Ciara when I first heard it. Want some new tunes from her? Check out her 2011 single “Disaster” and her free mixtape from 2010 “Can’t Take That Any From Me”.

Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me

Put aside all the crap that going around the tabloids right now and listen to the song. Chris Brown still makes great music. This song is no exception. I wasn’t a fan of “Sweet Love” as a single, but this one works for me. I can just picture myself driving in the car with the windows down late at night bumpin’ this track. Moody.

MTV = MakesdecenthighschoolTV

This summer, I’ve had the chance to catch up on and watch some interesting shows. The connection some all of these is that they are MTV original high school shows. Here are the three that I have been watching:

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

RJ Berger is your normal awkward teenager going through high school except for one very large distinction (see the second sentence of the show’s wikipedia page to find out what’s so large). This show only lasted for 24 episodes, but each one is funny/charming in its own way. There are some funny, stylized cut-aways too.  I recommend you check it out if you like the trailer posted below.


Awkward is a little bit different from RJ Berger in that it is more female oriented. The story of Jenna Hamilton starts with a terrible day – being used by a guy, being given a letter containing all of her flaws and an accident that leads to everyone thinking she tried to commit suicide. The show quickly evolves to tell Jenna’s renaissance – the show’s second season finishes up in mid-September with a third ordered for 2013.

The Inbetweeners (US)

I know what you’re thinking. The U.K. version is better. I agree, but this show is still entertaining. The U.S. version tells a similar tale to the U.K. show of the same name: Will McKenzie who’s just switched from private school to public school. Hilarity ensues. Trailer below!

New site launch!

I’ve launched a brand-new site! If you didn’t know, I have a bit of an obsession with video games and I decided to stop spending money on them until I beat fifty of them. I made a site chronicling this quest. Click on the image below to check out my newest project.