A thought about time.

It seems like everything that I read and watch these days comes back to the passage of time. Cliffy B leaving Epic Games, the Season 1 Finale of The Walking Dead and my Facebook stream all keep reminding me how quickly time flies. Keep reminding me how life passes by when you’re not looking.

You don’t have to call me and ask me if I’m doing okay – I’m great, just thinking out loud is all.

It’s just that I look at friends from Grade School and High School, people from my family and even myself and wonder if I could have ever predicted the way any of their lives (or mine) would have turned out. Did I know she was going to have three kids by now? Did I know he would move to Calgary? Did I know she would get into an accident and pass away? Did I realize University would eventually finish and I would transition into the working world? Did I know I would move to London? Did I know I would work for a great company? Ask me even five years ago and I would have never been able to guess.

Life moves in mysterious ways, like the ebbs and flows in a Culligan jug being moved onto a watercooler. I guess our jobs is to not rock the boat. My question for you is: “are you happy with your life?”¬† If so, good for you. If not, why aren’t you changing something? Some might have a spiritual rebuttal to this, but you only get one life. Will you be happy with your personal legacy when you pack it in, metaphorically speaking? If the answer to this no, I implore you to change something tomorrow (or even now). Start exercising, quit smoking, leave your lousy job, break up with your girlfriend. Why?

“You may delay, but time will not.” –¬†Benjamin Franklin