A Big Change

Things have been crazy in my world over the past few weeks. Starting in September, I’m leaving my current career in Product Marketing and the City of London and going to Humber College for their Radio Broadcasting in Toronto.

This decision was easily the most difficult decision of my life, but in the next 6 minutes, I hope to show you that I’ve been working towards this path for the past 20+ years.

Oscar Thoughts 2016

I thought I would collect my thoughts about the eight Oscar nominated Best Picture nominees that I have watched over the last six weeks.


The Martian (Apple Movie Rental): More Matt Damon! And so begins the Oscar marathon with The Martian. Great flick: Powerhouse cast and visual effects were the highlight. I’m becoming a bigger fan of Jessica Chastain and Kate Mara with every passing flick and I’ll take serious Jeff Daniels in any movie (I would probably listen to an audiobook of Dr. Seuss as long as he read it dramatically). Barely recognized Sean Bean until the end (Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark). Kristen Wiig and Donald Glover kept it light at times. Watch it – it’s the movie that Gravity should have been… YEAH, I SAID IT.

The Big Short (Theater): Partook in “The Big Short” and I have to say that even given the subject matter, I was engaged throughout. Great use of cameos to explain complex mortgage instruments and star performances from Christian Bale and Steve Carrell made this very enjoyable to watch. Despite a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in this film, I feel as though Christian Bale is still very underrated as an actor. Oh yeah… and Ryan Gosling as a brunette?

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Play the Oscar Game!

Imitation Game Ticket

Tomorrow (January 14th, 2016), is the day that the Oscar Nominations are released. Christmas morning for those movie lovers among us. Last year, I began what will surely become a yearly movie watching tradition. Over the course of six weeks, I had the pleasure of watching the eight films that were nominated for Best Picture. It was a great experience because I was able to talk about the Oscars with friends and give my opinion about movies over social media. Play the 2016 edition of the Oscar game with me this year! Here are my rules:

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